Kristina Ivancevic (Instagram)

Dražen Zigic (Instagram)


Ambleside Beach & Dundrave Park, West Vancouver

Gear Used

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Shoot Description

I think it’s important to connect with people we admire — especially folks from different places. I always leave smarter and inspired.

Dražen is a Serbian stock photographer I met online and he’s EXCELLENT. He has this great way of coaxing real emotions out of his subjects, all while composing and lighting his scenes to pristine standards. And his edits? Oof! Really stunning work. Naturally, his partner, Kristina, is equally as talented, but on the modeling side. She’s so effortless and diverse! Always very warm.

Together, they’re quite a stunning couple.

We chose Ambleside for its ocean views, iconic beach logs, and its vegetation. Though our time was short (and our hands frozen), I’m glad we could cement their time here with these photos.