About Jeremy Lim

Hailing from Vancouver, Canada, Jeremy Lim is a photographer of portraits and visual stories.

Earlier in his career, Jeremy specialized in events and corporate photography. One side demanded a sense of story, quick wits, and an eye for detail. The other, careful planning, social finesse, and exacting standards. Those traits stay with him, but Jeremy now opts for slower projects to give his back a break. (And his feet too. Oh no, his poor feet.)

Today, he photographs the stories of brands, creatives, personalities, and cultures from around the globe. His style is a blend of commercial sheen and photojournalism where story always comes first.

His work has taken him across the globe and through many different industries. Notable clients include Target, MSI, DDB, Tangerine, Rocky Mountaineer, and the United Nations Association in Canada.

During his off season, Jeremy doesn’t know how to slow down, so he runs a marketing consultancy and writes music for video games and commercials.

When he’s not at his desk, you can find him wandering around town with headphones on blast, fantasizing over his next meal.

Jeremy is available for both local and international assignments. Portraits start at $250.00 per session. Hourly coverage starts at $275.00 per hour or portion.

Taxes are extra. Additional fees (subject to approval before being incurred) may be applicable for non-standard equipment, staff, extended travel, and/or other extraordinary expenses. 

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