Dumpsters make for killer portraits.

It’s amazing how fast time flies. Growing up, Gerry (Scopez) and I always wanted to be famous for music. The difference between us? He stuck with it, and I got distracted by photography. Mixed blessing. Maybe time to reexamine my life. Anyways – on June 4th, we wandered Chinatown along with Tessa Tham to get some photographs for Scopez’ upcoming EPK. I can’t explain it, but throughout the day, Gerry gravitated towards dumpsters. Looking back on this shot, his gut couldn’t have been more right.

Standing Out

When talking creative, Gerry wanted high-contrast concepts. Instead of going the easy white-shirt-black-wall route, I opted to try something a little different: motion.


As one with many different voices, we made sure we caught Gerry’s more reserved and reflective side too.

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