Rhys Fulber from Conjure One performing at VENUE in Vancouver

Conjure One, led by Rhys Fulber, is a name I remember fondly from my early days in electronic music, and one I hadn’t heard in years. Given the opportunity to review the show, I jumped at the chance. Time changes many things, but Fulber’s signature soundscapes and intricate trip-hop rhythms are not amongst them. With the vocal and bass talents of Leah Randi, the duo recreated the Conjure One experience I left in memories long ago. In typical fashion, I spent my night scrambling for the perfect shot, and was sore to find that the 45-minute set had passed me by. Thankfully, Fulber saved the best for last, closing with his marquee track, “Centre of the Sun” – a song responsible for my love affair with electronic music. With this show and his recent ascension up the trance charts via Marcus Schossow’s remix of “Like Ice” – Conjure One is back and this time I’m not letting go.

The second half of the night was a less familiar experience. Before any creative assignment, understanding your subject matter is paramount. Being familiar with Conjure One, and knowing that Rhys Fulber had been a part of Front Line Assembly (FLA), I assumed we were getting more of the same. Nope. Boy was I wrong. Front Line Assembly is industrial – mechanical, sinister-sounding stuff – a far cry from Conjure One. The dude wearing the “I HATE EVERYBODY” shirt should have tipped me off. Even at 53, lead singer Bill Leeb pulled the crowd into a frenzy and seemed anxious to join the fray himself, rocking on his heels most of the night. Musically, I’m not qualified to say much, but if you enjoy the mosh pit, Front Line Assembly is a great way to go.