Ever been to Ginger 62? It’s a class spot, but man, the dance floor is dark: black ceilings, black walls, with only the faint glow of the DJ booth to illuminate the room. Swami found me through my photos with Delhi 2 Dublin and called me out to photograph their show. With only modicum of light to work with, I tackled the concert by pushing my camera as far as it would go. How’d things turn out? None to shabby! Take a peek for yourself!


You know what I love about bhangra? The vocalists always go all out, screaming at the top of their lungs. Sups is no exception.

Swami Vocalist S-Endz

S-Endz was my main contact for the show. Sadly, we never had a chance to sit down for coffee. Not quite sure how I’m going to get a signed album now.

Liana reminds me an awful lot of Kytami.

I won’t lie: when I saw Liana, the first thing I thought of was Kytami from Delhi 2 Dublin. That said, she takes on a very different role though and fills it well.

Dudes bum rush the stage when Desi Rock hits.

I’ve never seen so many dudes get excited over a song before. After hearing Desi Rock myself, I can’t say I blame them.

Fans swarm the stage.

The best part of intimate concerts? Dance parties on stage with the band!

Looking for more photos of the night? They’re all up on the Flickr.

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