Frazey Fords fans filled the cavernous Fortune Sound Club from front to back.

Saturday evening was full of captivating music and local Vancouver talent, as Robert Wilson and Frazey Ford took the stage at Fortune Sound Club. The venue itself was a diamond in the rough – an intimate, modern setup smack in the middle of Chinatown – and on this night, it shone even brighter with Robert and Frazey at the helm.

Robert Wilson and the Blackbird P.A. kicked off the night at the Fortune Sound Club.

First up was Robert Wilson, who serenaded us with his smooth, easy-listening stylings, and rocked a fedora the way it was intended. He and his fantastical crew had some pretty special chemistry, evident in the way they played off of each other; it wasn’t long before everyone was swaying to the beat of their tambourine. Robert put some serious passion into his songs, and brought a refreshing new voice to my musical repertoire; he will certainly be making his debut on my playlists very soon.

Frazey Ford begins her set at the Fortune Sound Club in Chinatown, Vancouver.

Next, it was time for the star of the evening, Frazey Ford, to take the stage. She emerged solo and sang her first song au natural – just a girl and her guitar, illuminated by a spotlight. Her voice cut right through the crowd, and Vancouver was immediately addicted. Frazey’s band, The Quiet Revolution, joined her for the rest of the set, and we spent the night getting to know Frazey’s quirky personality, while floating along to the delicate melodies she sang.

Frazey Ford reminisces over her grandmother.

I loved the subtle vibrato in her voice that made each note seem to tingle with soul. Combined with the gentle plucking of guitar and banjo strings, the crowd received an authentically bluesy, rootsy, musical experience, and Frazey delivered it brilliantly. One of the highlights of the night for me was her performance of “Mimi Song”, a piece she wrote for her grandmother shortly after she passed. Despite the humorous anecdote Frazey used to introduce the song, its acoustic, heart-felt delivery gave me goose bumps – no easy feat, considering I was nestled amongst a sea of people crowding the stage. Another highlight of the night was enjoying Frazey’s latest single, “Blue Streak Mama”, which had the whole crowd singing along. It was great to see the loyal following that she has created for herself here in Vancouver.

Adoring fans watched carefully and swayed carelessly as Frazey crooned to the packed Fortune Sound Club.

The show came to an end a little sooner than expected, as Frazey and her crew were given a ten-minute warning just before 11 o’clock. She finished off as a seductive crooner with a killer version of Al Green’s classic love song, “Let’s Stay Together”, that had couples throughout the venue holding each other close. When the crowd refused to let them leave so quickly, Frazey and The Quiet Revolution returned to deliver a beautiful a capella encore performance. If the audience wasn’t already blown away with her natural talent, this was sure to have done the trick. Frazey sang this song as beautifully as the rest, and left her mark on all of us that night. I know I’m hooked.

– Yours truly, Katie (@bottledsound)

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