Angus and Julia Stone at VENUE

Folk music. Singer-songwriter stuff. Something I acknowledge to be beautiful and spellbinding, but not a genre I’ve paid much attention to, not until I heard Julia Stone’s voice. For an hour and a half on October 12th, alongside a room of devout fans, I was captivated by music I don’t know how to describe. Angus and Julia themselves were humble, yet charming characters. The interludes left just as many smiles as the actual songs. And the music? Stories of love and tender sentiment, loss and yearning; not a far cry from what you’d expect, but delivered in a real way that elevates their music far above the usual fare. Enough to have me, a dedicated electronic music guy, lining up for merch at the end of the night. Pendulum might not be my favourite Australian export for much longer.

Angus and Julia Stone blew the crowd away at Vancouver's VENUE.

Even with a full band behind them, Angus and Julia shifted between guitars, pianos, harmonicas, and horns throughout the evening.

Adoring fans watched carefully as Angus and Julia Stone swayed the room.

Fans watched intently as Angus and Julia Stone swayed the room.

Interested in catching them on their nation-wide tour? Angus and Julia Stone are stopping through Toronto at the Opera House on October 28th, Montreal at Le National on the 29th, and Quebec City at Le Cercle on the 30th.

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